Ridge Augmentation and Socket Shielding

augmentation deviceBone Augmentation with Piezo Drills and Osseodensification Burs: When the width of the bone is inadequate for traditional implant placement, advanced tools like piezo drills and osseodensification burs can be used to carefully expand and densify the bone. Piezo drills are specialized tools that utilize ultrasonic vibrations to make precise bone cuts, reducing the risk of damaging surrounding tissues. Osseodensification burs are designed to compact and densify bone, making it more suitable for implant placement. This combination of techniques can help create a more stable environment for successful implant integration.

augmentation diagramUtilizing a Portion of the Previous Tooth for Anterior Cosmetic Implants: Preserving the natural anatomy and aesthetics of the bone is crucial in cosmetic implant cases, especially in the anterior (front) region of the mouth. By using a portion of the previous tooth, known as the natural tooth root or root fragment, you can maintain the contours and structure of the bone on the cheek side. This can contribute to a more natural appearance of the final implant crown and a seamless integration with the surrounding tissues.

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