Navident Robotic Surgical Guide

navident surgical machine with black backgroundIntroducing a revolutionary advancement in computer-assisted dental surgery: Navident. This cutting-edge technology empowers dental surgeons with a user-friendly, precise, portable, and cost-effective solution for placing restorations, implants, accessing canals, and performing jaw surgeries. Navident enables practitioners to digitally plan these procedures on a virtual patient and seamlessly translate the plan to the actual patient.

The system incorporates a robotic component that delivers real-time CT scans, allowing the surgeon to accurately position implants according to the pre-established plan, all within a shorter timeframe. Navident’s transformative capabilities ensure that every surgical process becomes predictable and streamlined for both the dental professional and the patient. Moreover, this innovative robot proves invaluable in identifying hidden or calcified canals during root canal therapy, further enhancing its diagnostic and procedural capabilities. Navident is set to redefine dental surgery by combining precision, ease of use, and enhanced patient outcomes in a single, groundbreaking technology.

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