Digital Scanners

digital scannerBid farewell to the era of impression materials – our practice has embraced a fully digital approach, utilizing cutting-edge digital scanners for all our dental work. These scanners have redefined accuracy, offering us precise digital representations of oral structures. This breakthrough technology not only facilitates the flawless design and milling of prosthetics but extends its capabilities to numerous other aspects of patient care.

With these highly accurate scans, we can delve into detailed simulations. This enables us to present patients with visualizations of potential outcomes prior to the procedure, offering a glimpse of the before-and-after transformation. Additionally, during regular six-month check-up appointments, our digital scans prove indispensable. They enable us to identify even the minutest changes in your oral cavity, ensuring timely detection and intervention if necessary.

digital scannerOur advanced scanner goes beyond its primary functions – it can even detect implant positions with remarkable precision. This breakthrough capability allows us to craft implant bridges swiftly and efficiently, eliminating the need for outdated methods like traditional impressions and multiple jig appointments.

With the scanner’s ability to accurately pinpoint implant positions, the entire process is expedited. This means that the fabrication of implant bridges is achieved in significantly less time. The convenience of avoiding conventional impressions and the associated appointments further streamlines the patient experience, offering enhanced comfort and efficiency.

Embracing this technology not only accelerates the procedure but also underscores our commitment to providing patients with the most advanced and seamless dental solutions available. The integration of implant position detection into our digital workflow exemplifies our dedication to modernizing and enhancing every aspect of dental care.

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