Fully Digital Dental Laboratory

dental lab
The majority of our dental prosthetics are crafted right here within our state-of-the-art fully digital dental laboratory. Our innovative digital workflow has transformed the conventional process – instead of relying on traditional impressions, we employ advanced scanning technologies. Utilizing cutting-edge dental design software along with our precision milling units and 3D printers, we create an array of top-tier dental prosthetics with remarkable efficiency.

Incredible speed and quality define our approach. Crowns, for instance, are milled in less than an hour, showcasing our commitment to rapid yet top-notch production. Similarly, bridges and dentures, more complex in nature, are expertly milled within just a few days. The agility of our process doesn’t end there – any necessary adjustments are swiftly addressed, often right in the presence of the patient. Our chairside corrections ensure that the final prosthetics meet the highest standards and provide patients with optimal comfort and function. Our fully digital workflow represents a transformative leap in dental prosthetics production, prioritizing speed, quality, and patient satisfaction.

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